Writing Good Product Info: Questions and Answers

A very helpful portion of good product information is a Questions and Answers section. This part of your product copy can address things that your customers frequently ask or additional items that may help them as they purchase your product. A well written Questions and Answers section can also help increase your sales, as well as your customer satisfaction.

Take, for instance, the customer who is so concerned about a possible return that the very idea may be too daunting and prevent the sale. However, if you explain how easy and seamless your return process is within your Questions and Answers section, you may just alleviate that customer’s fears and save the sale! 

The Questions and Answers section also gives you more leeway to talk about your product in various ways. Consider providing helpful tips here by asking questions such as, “What is the best way to use my new XYZ widget?” Then answer by describing a few of the most beneficial or unique ways to use your product. 

Another good tact to take is to reiterate certain real important product benefits. For example, if you explain within your product description that your microwave splatter guard is versatile, you may want to pose this question, “What types of messes will the splatter guard prevent?” And then go into more detail in your answer than maybe you could in your product description. Or, if price is your biggest selling point and you know there is no cheaper product on the market than yours, you could ask this question, “Can I get this product for less anywhere else?” The answer is of course a resounding, “No!” Reiterating your most important selling points (in a way that is not redundant) will also help solidify whatever you are most interested in getting across to your potential customers.

You know your product best, so give it some thought. What are the most important questions you can answer to help your customers and improve your sales?