Writing Good Product Info: Product Specs

There’s nothing worse than buying a product online and then realizing, when it arrives, that it isn’t quite what you thought it would be – ended up being a waste of money or wasting your time with a return. That’s why, as a seller, you need to write product specifications that are correct, as well as appealing.

Size matters. Potential customers need to know if your product will fit in their home, fit through the door, fit in the corner of the room or in their kitchen drawer. 

Color is important too. If a customer purchases a kitchen implement or appliance to match their kitchen and it ends up being some hideous color that doesn’t come anywhere close to complementing their motif, you can expect an unsatisfied customer and your own waste of time handling their return.

Truth in advertising is also important in product specs because it is not only ethical; it can help sell your product as well as improve client satisfaction. Say you are selling a kitchen implement with a design that enables the user to hang it on a hook, but not just any hook…a sturdy hook. If you are specific and say that your product is even able to be hung from a XYZ hook, that product characteristic becomes a selling point. If you are not specific about what type of hook is needed for this product bonus, it would not be much of a bonus to someone who used a different type of hook and couldn’t hang your product as they intended.

Photos can also aid or hinder your product descriptions. I recently bought a dog ball. My main intent was to purchase a ball that was large enough not to keep rolling under the couch. There was no size listed, but the photo included a full grown Labrador next to what appeared to be a good size ball. In actuality, the ball was the size of a tennis ball. It was too inexpensive to make it worthwhile to return, so it was a disappointment and waste of money for me. Lesson learned. I won’t purchase from that manufacturer again.

On the uptake, if your product specifications are helpful and correct, you could gain a customer for life. At the very least, you will have pleased your buyer.