Writing Good Product Info: Good Descriptions

Okay, so here’s a question. Would you rather eat boiled hot dogs from a vendor cart or an all-beef kosher deli dog that you can get slathered up with any condiments you favor and that smells like great times at the ballpark? How about that play you were thinking about going to see? Would you be quicker to buy tickets if it were billed as a Christmas revival or a rousing holiday musical with new renditions as well as traditional favorites performed by talented musical artists? Do you think it would be better to buy an economy car or a sporty new vehicle that isn’t just easy on the eyes; it is easy on your wallet…and could save you thousands in gas money every year?

Writing good product descriptions is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales. The first thing you want to do to accomplish that all important task is to NEVER underestimate the value of imagination. You know when you read a good book and it is better than the movie? That is because what you conjure up in your mind can far exceed anything that can be depicted on the screen, and it’s all done with words.

The ultimate goal is to use words that are so descriptive they spellbind your target audience and transport them into their own glorious daydream about your product. Great descriptions can change someone’s thoughts about needing a new fishing pole into catching a record fish with YOUR fishing pole. It can turn the unwanted task of purchasing a new outfit for an affair into visions of making an entrance into the event that is only fitting of a queen. 

Think like your potential customer. What do you want to hear? What would push you to make that purchase? Is it price? Is it quality? Is it high demand? Do you want the dress mentioned above because it is slimming? Do you want that fishing pole because research indicates that it really does catch more fish? Do you want that hotdog because it is sold at a posh new place that everyone who’s anyone is trying?