Writing Good Product Info: Catchy Title

When you hear a name like Gertrude, you may picture a very old lady with thick glasses hanging from a chain around her neck and a tissue stuffed in her garishly flowered blouse (So sorry to all the hot, young Gertrudes out there!). The name Bessy might conjure up images of a black and white cow happily grazing in her farmer’s field. You could not be blamed for imagining an Italian mobster if you heard the name Jimmy Two Times or a large, not so friendly dog if you heard the name Spike. 

Your imagination might veer to the left or right of that scenario a bit, but you get the picture. Names are important. They summon a predisposed idea to mind. Like with the mobster, you might also associate things like criminal intent and danger; Spike might invoke trepidation; and Gertrude might make you think of the freshly baked cookies your elderly aunt used to bake. In addition to names bringing certain things to mind, their connotation can linger until the bitter end.

For the same reason a name is important, a catchy title for your product copy is essential. It can make a potential buyer think a product will taste good, look great or work well; and, consequently, it can often make or break the sale of a product. 

So, when you come up with a title for your product information, remember a few very important things. First, be engaging. Keep in mind that your audience will only spend so much time on your material, so they may only see the beginning of your product information – possibly ONLY your title – before deciding on whether to invest the time reading the rest. You have to make them want to read on with only a few words. Plus, if you can, make your title reflective of the best customer benefits your product offers. For instance, “Have no time to prepare dinner? No worries!” would certainly make me pause! What about, “The rig that is guaranteed to catch more fish”? Yep, I would read more!