Writing Good Product Descriptions: Include Abundant Info

Ever go to the grocery store and leave something off your list? Then when you get home, you can’t try the recipe you intended because you would be missing a key ingredient? If the whole point of your visit to the store was for that specific purpose and you are like me (and probably most folks out there), you’re not going to be jumping for joy. Or maybe you want to build a frame for your bathroom mirror, so you Google the directions, but whoever posted them left something out and your frame ends up off kilter. Worse yet, you are having trouble starting your mower and you think you found out why, but the instructional YouTube video left one or two steps out. Guess what, your mower still won’t start!

Complete information is very important for certain things; and one of those things is writing good product descriptions. Abundant information can arm your target audience with everything they need to know, help you make more sales and increase your customer satisfaction.

If you leave something out that could be considered important, that could hinder your sales. For instance, you want to make sure you include the dimensions of your product, so potential customers will know just what to expect and where it will fit. You want to include color because some folks may leave it on display and expect it to match with their existing décor. Describe how it works and looks to a “T” so that there is no confusion. 

If the way it works or looks (i.e.: speed, efficiency, streamlined design, etc.) is also a selling point, make this part of your product copy prominent and weighty. If it is a durable product, illuminate its long-lasting nature and/or sturdy construction, as well as any warranty or guarantees. 

Never leave out anything that can be construed as a product benefit. If it is lightweight, address the fact that it is easier to use than its heavier counterparts and shipping fees are virtually non-existent. If it is versatile, illustrate everything it can do. 

The bottom line is that the more positive information you can include about your product, the better!