Wine Holders Have Become the New Craze

Wine…rich, bold reds are perfect with a juicy, grilled steak or can add just a little more romance to any Italian meal. When it’s white, it is perfect for noshing on brie with friends or toasting your latest accomplishment. It’s no wonder wine holders have become the latest craze.

If you are a flea market vendor, wine holders are a great new way to increase profits at your booth, and Houseware Warehouse can help. Houseware Warehouse provides wine holders in such a wide array that they will suit any taste.

There are humorous wine holders, wine holders for pet lovers, wine holders for motor heads and more! If you promote them at your booth, they are sure to turn heads! For customers who are animal lovers, there are wine holders including an eagle, buck, rooster, shark, horse, cat and a giraffe. Get laughs from wine holders including our frog grog wine holder, a bovine brew cow, call of the wine wolf and slow but steady turtle. For those who like to kick a little dust up, there’s the hauler truck, cowboy boot, green tractor and Wild West wine holders. Bike riders will like the easy rider motorcycle and the motorcycle boot. There’s a classic car wine holder. And for dog lovers, there is the pug a chug-a-lug, the wine a bit female Chihuahua, the tiny tipper male Chihuahua, boxer’s brew and weenie wine weiner dog wine holders. We also offer decorative coasters, cheese boards, stoppers, pourers, openers and so much more!

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