Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon: It’s Easy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could resell quality products with a decent profit margin without lifting a finger? Well, the good news is that you can! Resellers who use Amazon, simply need to acquire in-demand products – such as Houseware Warehouse online wholesale kitchen items – and put them up for sale on Amazon, one of the world’s (if not THE world’s) most popular online shopping site.

Then you only need to create an account on Amazon’s web interface where you will also be able to manage your account. After you register, just add your products to the Amazon Marketplace. Products can be listed in 20 categories. If you are a professional seller, you get 10 additional categories. When your product sells, the net amount will be deposited into your account; and you will receive an email notification that your payment has been sent. Amazon will also notify you when customers place an order so that your order can be fulfilled.

That, my friend, brings us to the next step which is also easy as pie – Fulfillment by Amazon. So here’s how it works. Say you just aren’t set up for shipping. No worries! You can choose to let Amazon store, pick, pack and ship your product/s for you. Fulfillment by Amazon also includes Amazon’s trusted, experienced customer service and returns, so you can save time and hassles there as well. Plus, with Amazon fulfillment, your Amazon Prime customers may receive free shipping and other benefits on eligible Amazon Prime orders…all extras for which you are not charged. Amazon fulfillment is cost-effective and easy. You are charged for storage and then you just pay as you go. You will be charged for shipping as your orders are filled – the cost of which is included in your fees…another great perk!