Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon: Established Brand

Did your mother ever tell you to be careful because you could be judged by the company you keep? Well, that is often true, but not much of a problem if you keep the “right” company. Take the company of Amazon, for instance…

Say you want to get into business, but you don’t have much money to purchase and store a bunch of inventory, you can’t afford to spend much on marketing and you’re not really set up too well for product fulfillment. How do you start a business without a ton of inventory, get the word out there that you are selling quality products, and efficiently get your products to your customers? Amazon, that’s how.

Amazon is an established brand that has labored for many years to work out any proverbial bugs…and it really didn’t have too many to start. Today, Amazon is a reputable mega corporation where anyone can get just about anything, simply and affordably. Quite frankly, Amazon makes many of us never want to shop in a brick and mortar store again! And if you are a potential third party seller, it also makes you want to ride on its beautifully built coattails.

Once you become an Amazon vendor, you are guilty by association – and certainly not in a bad way! Third party Amazon sellers get the benefit of becoming an extension of Amazon – a brand that is truly enviable…and one they didn’t have to work very hard (or at all) to acquire!

So, the moral of this story is why spend marketing dollars you may not have and years establishing a brand that consumers can trust when you already have one right at your fingertips? Just sell your products or services on amazon.com.