Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon: Consumer Confidence

What makes you confident enough in a vendor to make a purchase? Is it that you know a company is viable and can stand the test of time? Is it that the company owners seem to take an interest in more than just its profit? Is it that the professionals within that company seem truly genuine about its customer care? Is it that you’ve learned many positive things about that company through social media; or maybe it is just that a particular vendor makes shopping a breeze? All of those things help to build customer trust and, ultimately, a solid customer base. Amazon offers all of that and more.

History tells a very positive story about the rise of Amazon, and consumers tend to trust vendors with proven viability. They want to be sure that business is profitable enough to maintain stability, but that its goals extend far beyond just profits – ensuring the provision of high quality products and reliable delivery. Customers expect satisfactory customer care through a knowledgeable support team they can trust. Amazon offers all of that as well.

Amazon keeps in constant contact with the public through social media, providing education and information, and continually updating potential customers about the benefits of ordering through Amazon. It also studies the market to determine and implement measures that make being an Amazon customer convenient. This all helps to establish, build and maintain excellent customer relationships and a high level of customer confidence.

When a certain level of trust is established between a customer and a vendor, that customer is much more likely to make a purchase, spend more and to become a repeat customer.