Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon: A Huge Customer Base

Amazon has amassed an enormous quantity of qualified shoppers – who are prime (Please excuse the pun.) for the picking. If anyone in their customer base is online searching the Amazon website, that person is either browsing for something in particular or ready to pull the trigger and purchase an item. That person has probably shopped there before, most likely has an Amazon account already established for a simple, quick checkout process and may even purchase the same item time and time again. 

The sheer numbers say it all. Amazon sold well over a billion items this holiday season, and did you know that one out of every four adults is an Amazon Prime member? Shipping millions upon millions of packages a day, accounting for almost half of all online sales and with over 288 million square feet of warehouses space, offices, retail stores and data centers; Amazon can easily claim the title of Mega Corporation. 

That’s not even counting the billions of items sold through Amazon this holiday season. Do you know how many marketing dollars and how much consumer confidence building it takes to get to that point? What merchant in his or her right mind wouldn’t want a part of that? 

And, as a consumer and a person who consistently shops at amazon.com, I have to say that I am completely confident in the Amazon shopping venue. I can shop by product and by price; the items I purchase are quality items; and I receive my shipments in a reliable, timely manner. Aside from all that, shopping at amazon.com is convenient. There are no lines and you can shop in your pajamas – even if you aren’t shopping at Walmart. Sorry, I had to say it. I couldn’t help myself ☺