Why Use Shelf Liners in Your Fridge

I think we’ve all used shelf liners a time or two, but have you ever used shelf liners in your refrigerator? Maybe you should! 

Ever have those little (or big) spills or leaky meats or packages in your fridge that are a mess to clean up, not to mention gross and a possible health hazard? Yeah, I think we all have.

Refrigerator shelf liners (sometimes called refrigerator shelf mats) can’t prevent messes, but they can be a lifesaver when they occur. Refrigerator shelf liners also create a barrier between foods and the fridge that helps keep things healthier.

So, here’s how it works. When a sticky spill occurs, don’t delve into a pain in the neck, time consuming deep clean. All you need to do is remove your refrigerator shelf liner and replace it with another. Within minutes…maybe even seconds, you have a sparkling clean refrigerator once again!

Also, keep in mind that spills and debris that can be caused by spilled food and drinks can damage or alter the performance of refrigerators. No one wants to repair or replace their refrigerator. Refrigerator liners provide the insulation to protect this essential appliance. 

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