Why Strain Your Muscles When There Is a Tool for That? Get a Jar Opener!

Have you ever heard a woman who has become disenchanted with masculine wiles say, “The only reason I need a man around is to open my jars”? Well, now you don’t. There are jar openers that come in all shapes and sizes that use the laws of physics to seemingly magically open jars that might have otherwise been an enigma. 

Struggling to open a jar of capers so that you can make your special salmon recipe before your guests call for pizza? Got one of those huge pickle jars that are always a pain to open or how about those pesky tomato sauce jars? Have you tried a towel to no avail? Did you just about blow the top of your head off while you held your breath to try to create more pressure? Is your jar-twisting hand throbbing with pain and locked in permanent lid holding position? Hmmm, sounds like you need a jar opener. 

Whatever your jar opening predicament, there’s definitely a jar opener that can make your life much easier. And jar openers are great for men too because who wants to be the guy who can’t open the jar? Am I right?

Ok, so we all agree not to strain our muscles. Now let’s agree to visit housewarewarehouse.net to browse through an endless supply of high quality, affordable, easy-to-access kitchen tools, including – yes, you guessed it – jar openers!

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