Why Silicone?

What you may know about silicone kitchen products is that they are resistant to heat up to around 400 degrees and when heated, they cool off quickly, making them ideal for prepping, cooking, baking, serving and storing hot foods. However, there are so many additional reasons to fall in love with silicone kitchen supplies…

Freezer- and dishwasher-safe, silicone is a breeze to maintain. It is stain-resistant, does not retain odors or harbor bacteria and can maintain its vibrant color. Silicone is rust-proof and affordable. Biodegradable and recyclable, silicone is also totally environmentally friendly. Silicone is virtually non-stick and even hypoallergenic. Want to add a pop of color to your kitchen? Silicone kitchen utensils come in a variety of colors too!

And if silicone isn’t your thing for whatever reason (Maybe you have another material you favor for your kitchen products.), Houseware Warehouse offers kitchen utensils, storage and cookware made from plastic, rubber, wood, metals in every type and color too! Visit housewarewarehouse.net to see for yourself!

There’s bakeware, cookware and barware. Houseware Warehouse has stackable storage containers and storage containers for those on the go. We have cast iron products from skillets, to muffin pans for use whether you are in the kitchen or camping. There are cutting boards made from every material imaginable, which are great for everything from kitchen prep to charcuterie boards! Need an innovative gadget to save you valuable time in the kitchen? We’ve got that too!

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