Why Sell on Amazon

Why would you want to sell your product on Amazon? The answer is simple. Amazon is a ginormous company – considered one of the “Big Four” technology companies, lumped with some serious heavy hitters. Maybe you have heard of Google, Apple and Facebook?

Amazon reaches over 95 million unique viewers every month in the United States alone. Who wouldn’t want access to that massive audience? And, like Facebook, Google and Apple, Amazon is a well-established, trusted brand. Why not ride that wave?

Also, when you sell your product on Amazon, you can take advantage of its optional fulfillment services. Yep, you can opt for Amazon to store, pick, page and ship your items, as well as manage your customer service and any returns, so that you can focus your time on your business.

Plus, the super cool thing about letting Amazon handle your fulfillment is that Amazon Prime members – who would also be your customers – can qualify for free shipping and other benefits, for which you are not charged extra.

It’s also easy for customers to find you when you sell on Amazon. Remember that 95 million I mentioned? They all know how to browse through products on Amazon.

The moral of this story is that Amazon can be a great way to run a successful business; or if you already sell your products on your own and choose to continue to do that, it could be an excellent additional profit center to grow your business.