Why Hang Fruit?

Brown spots on our bananas and crisp apples gone soft…yuck; but what’s a person to do? Stop throwing away a good percentage of your fruit purchases because they go bad before you can eat them all. A hanging fruit basket from Houseware Warehouse is an excellent solution!

Do you keep your fruit in a regular bowl on the kitchen counter? Oh no! When there is little or no circulation around fruit, the gases that fruits accumulate and should naturally disperse become trapped, causing fruits to go bad too quickly.  Conversely, storing fruits in a hanging basket which allows air to easily flow through and past your fruit will result in cost savings and much more pleasant fruit consumption.

In addition, remember that the refrigerator is not the ideal place to store your fruit either. I get it, really. Cold fruit can be refreshing, but refrigerating your fruit can rob it of its fresh flavor and aroma. Basically, only berries and sliced fruit need refrigeration, so don’t worry about storing your other fruit at room temperature in a hanging fruit basket.

Plus, if your husband and kids are like mine, more often than not they seem to opt for what is easiest. So when they see fruit displayed out in the open in a fruit basket, they are more apt to help solve your fruit freshness quandary by grabbing a healthy fruit snack as they pass by. Fruit baskets are also especially handy at the time of year when we can harvest the bounty from our fruit trees. 

As luck would have it, America’s favorite online wholesale kitchen supplier – Houseware Warehouse – has terrific three-tier, copper hanging fruit baskets in stock! Just visit housewarewarehouse.net to find it and add a pretty addition to any kitchen, as well as an affordable solution to keep fruit fresh!

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