Wholesale Supplier of Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Come on, be honest! Everyone loves buying an innovative gadget. It’s like getting a new toy, right? Aside from making your life more interesting and fun, amazing gadgets can make your life easier – especially in the kitchen! 

Houseware Warehouse is America’s leading online wholesaler of kitchen supplies, so it is only fitting that they also offer many very cool and unique kitchen gizmos and gadgets! Actually, there are too many to list, but here’s a sampling to give you a good idea of what they have in store…

Are you an advocate for the environment? Go ahead and get you some reusable silicone straws, complete with cleaning brushes. Tired of buying coffee filters? Get a three-year coffee filter. Maybe when we say gadgets, your mind wanders more toward all things decorative. How about a ceramic Chihuahua that holds your toothpicks or your favorite classic car wine bottle holder? Like half a grapefruit for breakfast, but wondering what to do with the other half? Get a grapefruit saver that is shaped like half a grapefruit for easy storage. Keep your soda bee-free with beverage can caps and maintain your pop’s fizz with a bottle pump and pourer.

Do you use a lot of eggs? Houseware Warehouse has egg yolk separators that fit onto almost any bowl. There is a Smashy Egg Press for a smashing way to make egg salad. There is even a Joie Deviled Egg Maker for a devilishly clever way to make deviled eggs!

Houseware Warehouse also offers herb savers, lemon/lime savers and veggie savers for almost any type of vegetable. There’s a GRIP-EZ Potato Piercer/Meat Tenderizer combo, a garlic stripper tube to effortlessly peel your cloves of garlic and Perfect Potato Feet prongs to stand up your potatoes for even, quick cooking. Looking for summer fun? Try Houseware Warehouse’s ice pop molds or an ice ball tray. Looking for a laugh? Get the Pig-Out Car Go Container, a travel bowl that looks like a piggy and fits in the cup holder of your car. Do you like to bake? Get a dog bone shaped cookie cutter, cake and pie divider for perfect slices, cupcake corers and so much more at Houseware Warehouse.

Additionally, Houseware Warehouse has long been our country’s online wholesale supplier of products to ideally outfit your kitchen…products such as flatware, bakeware, pots and pans in all shapes and sizes and made from every material, cutting boards, cutlery, spices, decorations and so much more. So give housewarewarehouse.net a visit and browse ‘till your heart’s content!