When Math Meets Cooking

Ever wonder what happens when math meets cooking? It happens at Houseware Warehouse, where our measuring tools provide all of the answers! Let’s face it…some of life’s most wonderful moments can often be measured by good eats; and many of the best recipes require accurate measurements. Consequently, you need the tools to turn those ingredients into gold (or at least something yummy). No worries! Houseware Warehouse has something for everyone when it comes to kitchen measuring tools.

Like things traditional? Then you can opt for a standard Houseware Warehouse glass or plastic measuring cup. There is a wide array of sizes from which to choose! You can measure your items in a two-cup measuring funnel pitcher for an easy pour. There are also round or square measuring spoons, depending on which you prefer and multi-piece plastic measuring scoop sets that are tapered and dishwasher safe for easy use. So scoop your sugar, coffee, flour and even your cereal if you are counting calories. 

Are you more of a trendsetter? Want an innovative way to get that precise measurement? Houseware Warehouse has Adjust-A-Cups in both one- and two-cup sizes. Simply adjust this nifty measuring gadget to the exact measurement you need for an accurate measurement. Need just a spoonful? You can get an Adjust-A-Tablespoon or Adjust-A-Teaspoon too!

Visit housewarewarehouse.net to peruse our online catalog and see for yourself how Housewares Warehouse, America’s leading online wholesaler for kitchen supplies, measures up