What to Do with Your Leftovers

Well, the holidays are here, with all of the over-the-top food they bring. If you’re wondering what to prepare with all of the excess, don’t worry. There are plenty of yummy things you can do to convert those leftovers into lusciousness!

Many of us cook a huge turkey for Christmas, so let’s talk turkey! If you have a fresh loaf of store-bought bread, you’re good to go! How does an open-faced hot turkey sandwich served with sides of stuffing and mashed potatoes, and dripping with gravy sound? Another nice go-to you can just throw together is a turkey breast sandwich slathered in mayonnaise; or if you’re full to the gills and want something a little lighter, you can place a dollop of turkey salad atop a pile of greens…and make it easy on yourself since you just spent the day cooking. Just buy a bag of spring mix!

Then there is ham. Transforming that beautiful ham with glistening glaze that you served last night into a scrumptious breakfast this morning is easy as pie! When you slice ham and fry it, its natural sweetness surfaces like never before. Serve it with a pile of scrambled eggs and toast and you are a hero…once again. For lunch, mix it up by dicing it up and adding a little celery and mayo. Ham salad is always a welcome treat!

Don’t forget the brisket! Those succulent pieces of leftover brisket – with diced Vidalia onion and golden Yukon potatoes – make the most delicious breakfast hash!

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