Types of Cheese Graters

Do you like pizza, lasagna or French onion soup dripping with cheese? If you are a person who likes chili
cheese dip, potatoes au gratin, macaroni and cheese or cheese in their salad and tacos, you definitely
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Graters come in different styles with different sized grating slots to prepare a variety of food. Most
commonly they are used for cheese, lemon or orange peel for zest and spices, such as nutmeg,
cinnamon and allspice.

The one we all know that has been around for decades is the box grater. Each side of this grater offers a
different blade arrangement. There is a long, horizontal slicer, a shredder and sides for coarse and fine
grating for cheeses and spices.

Then there is the mandolin cheese grater. This one includes one flat panel with a variety of grating
blades and slicers. It is not as sturdy as the box grater, but not as awkward to handle and easier to store.
The plane grater, which includes a comfortable handle and semi-circular grating surface, is the one you
see used by waiters in Italian restaurants.

However, many chefs opt for what they feel is the most effective grater – the rotary grater. With this
fancy contraption, you place what you are going to grate outside the grater. It is held in place against a
circular grating blade with a hinged handle. Then, depending on which type you have, you wither
manually turn the handle or activate the electric motor to operate it.
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