Try to Contain Yourself!

It won’t be easy, but try to contain yourself because Houseware Warehouse offers containers for just about anything you can imagine – from takeaway containers, to pantry stackables, freshness and leftover refrigerator storage, houseware storage, baked goods storage and more!

There are storage baskets for everything from under the kitchen counter cleaning supplies to bathroom or bedroom make-up and beauty supplies. There are seven-day pill containers to keep your health on track. There are 100-packs of plastic lids for quarter sheet cake pans, mixing bowls and batter bowls with lids and stretch lids that fit over the containers you already have. There is even a wide array of wall mount racks and hooks for saving storage space too.

Keep up to a pound of bacon airtight in a bacon saver or hard boiled eggs in little Eggy Go Pods. Get cute little fruit and veggies storage that look exactly like the produce they store, from onion savers, to a 12-pack of bell paper savers in assorted pepper colors, to avocado fresh pods, banana pods, garlic savers, tomato savers, grapefruit savers, a salad saver, herb savers; or take things up a notch with Herb-Ez – an herb saver that also easily strips, measures and stores herbs to keep them fresher longer.

There are flatware storage cylinders and five-compartment cutlery storage trays. Store your spices in a two-tier decorative wire spice rack or a storage turntable, which is in essence a three-tier lazy Susan for spices. Or store anything in a 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, 18 or 22-quart storage container of your choosing. These are stain-resistant, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, temperature- tolerant, ideal for storage and transport of prepared foods, and they come with graduated measurement markings in liters and quarts and built-in handles. Or opt for large, stackable, square home storage containers with lids. 

Not to mention all the Houseware Warehouse takeaway containers! Transport your deviled eggs without them rolling around, pack snacks like Cheerios or cherries in pastel colored Snap & Go Pods, get a set of six clear mini travel containers to you can see everything inside or take a big, round storage container of pasta or potato salad to your next barbeque. There are even celery and dip to-go containers

If you shop at, you can even stack your stuff with everything from pot lid stackers, to taco stands!

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