There Is So Much to Love at Houseware Warehouse It Is Uncanny!

To prove it to you, let’s only address only the products at Houseware Warehouse that are can-related. Ready? Here we go!

First there is a bevy of beverage accessories. Want to maintain a nice fizz in your soda can? How about a two-pack or four-pack of brightly colored, locking, flip top can caps? There’s a Fizz Keeper soda dispenser too, which helps serve soda with ease, is great at parties and can save money by keeping your soda fresh with fizz.

Tired of bees buzzing your beverage? There is a set of two soda straws that come with lids that fit any standard soda can. Then there are nine inch neon straws just for fun, reusable straws to save money as well as the environment or maybe you prefer purple paper straws.

You can get a six-pack of soda can savers, a can pump that comes in assorted colors from which to choose, a solid set of three can covers and even pet food can covers for our furry friends. There is also a can crusher to help save space while you save the environment. 

Then you have can openers that range all the way from the old fashioned kind with a corkscrew, all the way to the newfangled type that won’t leave sharp edges on your cans, come with a lid gripper for safe disposal, adjust for lefties as well as right handers and has a soft handle for easy gripping. There are standard and compact portable can openers, wall mounted can openers, magnetic can punch and bottle openers and can openers in a variety of colors to match just about any kitchen. For those who are proud of our country, there are openers made in the USA. There are 24-packs of tab can openers, ring pull can openers and even a black and chrome four in one can opener multi-tool.

Let’s top it all off with a beer can chicken roaster because we can! Houseware Warehouse has that too. Just visit to begin browsing through the enormous inventory at Houseware Warehouse. It will make you want to do the can-can!

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