The Perfect Grilled Cheese

Cheese…the sustenance of life. Well, maybe not quite, but for many of us it comes close! It oozes from our macaroni; our shells are stuffed with it, we sprinkle it liberally on our pasta; and it is often the show- stopper on our charcuterie boards.

As Rudolph is the most famous reindeer of all, grilled cheese may very well be the leader of the cheese platter pack. So it is only fitting that we pay tribute to our cheese dish of choice by making it perfect. What, you ask, is the perfect grilled cheese? That depends on you, my friend. Only your taste buds can tell for sure and there are so many options from which to choose.

There is the straight-up grilled American cheese that deserves a trophy all its own…a sandwich lightly buttered and grilled to golden brown perfection…a sandwich that creates those long, tantalizing strings of cheese when you pull it apart…a sandwich that transports you back to those sweet memories of childhood in your mother’s kitchen.

Ah, but maybe you are one of the lucky ones with a palate so refined that it craves the innovation of Texas Toast or focaccia bread slathered in freshly made pesto and topped with juicy, ripe tomato slices, fragrant leaves of basil and a delicate mozzarella. 

Or just maybe you love bacon almost as much as cheese and since you are an adult now, you combine the delicious goodness and melty gooeyness of amazing cheeses like gruyere and smoked gouda atop your crispy bacon for a sandwich so mouthwatering that could make the scariest tough guy cry.

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