The Most Irritating Thing about Making Coffee

Hands down, the most irritating thing about making coffee is separating those dad-gummed coffee filters! When you wander down the stairs and into the kitchen, bleary eyed and barely conscious, simply hoping to fill your senses and your gullet with a well-deserved cup of Joe, the last thing you need is that whole ever so annoying coffee filter fumbling process!

If separating coffee filters grinds on your last never too, perk up my friends; because Houseware Warehouse has a solution which will put a giddy-up in your step instead of a squash your breakfast nosh. The Houseware Warehouse Coffee Filter Separator will get that caffeine on a speedy mission straight to your brain receptors before you can even say, “Mmmmm.”

The Houseware Warehouse Coffee Filter Separator is a handy-dandy little kitchen gadget that enables you to grab your coffee filters one by one with absolutely no fuss or muss! And if that’s not enough, you can also find reusable coffee filters that – along with solving the sticky situation with your coffee filters – are an eco-friendly way to make coffee and can last up to three years! The reusable coffee filters you can easily find at Houseware Warehouse come in all different shapes and sizes too, so that you can be sure to meet the perfect match for your particular coffee maker.

In fact, Houseware Warehouse is a great place to find anything you need to solve any kitchen grievance you may have. Just visit and you know the rest!

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