The Joys of Juicing

Today, it seems everyone is on a futile search for that magic elixir. Hold on, there just may be a miraculous solution that is not quite so fruitless! You can jolt your body into healthy happiness by juicing! 

Juice for better health. The joys of juicing are numerous and varied. Juicing is an easy and delicious way to consume more fruits and vegetables…and we all need more of those! Juicing aids in digestion. Blended foods are so much easier to digest than solid ones. Juicing can hydrate your body and strengthen your bones. Juicing can energize you and help you sleep better. Juicing can enhance brain function, giving you better focus and making you more alert. It can help you detoxify and de-stress. Juicing can even increase your lifespan. 

Plus, you can tailor your juices for the desired effect. Load up on spinach to relax and cope better with stress. Antioxidants like blueberries can help rid your body of toxins. Pineapple contains tons of water for hydration. Dairy products, such as one percent milk, soy milk or almond milk, help to strengthen bones. The benefits of juicing are virtually endless!

Additionally, the wonderful effects of juicing are almost instantaneous because the foods you are ingesting are already broken down when you consume them, so they are that much closer to the nutrients our bodies crave when they hit the stomach. And, unlike with items such as caffeine, there is no crashing and burning with juicing. The results of juicing stick with you.

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