Teach Your Kids to Cook While They Are Young

As Crosby, Stills and Nash would croon, “Teach your children well.” Want to see your kids lose interest in who did what on Facebook, and see their faces become unglued from their precious cell phones? Teach them to cook!

Teaching your children to cook is a wonderful way to spend true quality time with them; and if you do it while they are young, odds are they will be more talented in the kitchen than a person who learned to cook at a later age. And, believe it or not, it’s not just all about the food. Measuring helps with math and cooking also teaches self-sufficiency, which is a valuable skill in life.

Chocolate chip pancakes topped with sliced bananas are a breakfast hit. Bake fun, tasty treats, and make homemade pizza for movie night with lots of fun toppings from which they can choose. If you start now, by the time they are 12, they will have graduated from fruit smoothies and birthday cakes for Dad, to chocolate mousse and their favorite veggie lasagna (not necessarily served together).

So, expand their palettes and their horizons. Teach your kids to cook while they are young. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime!

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