Take Your Flea Market Online During Social Distancing

Lately, we’ve been finding out how many things we can actually do online. The list is getting longer every day and it is absolutely amazing. Did you know that you can even continue to experience the flea market shopping experience – minus the drive, parking hassles and sometimes smelly crowds – online? Now that begs the question…Why not take your flea market business online during social distancing?

Here are some fabulous options for online product sales:

Of course we all know Amazon, your largest, most well-known option without question; eBay, which some consider a great online flea market as well as an auction site; Craigslist, which is basically the classifieds with a barter option; Etsy, the artsy mini me of eBay; and by now you’ve seen all the commercials for Letgo, a free to use online marketplace. You’ve probably also heard of Poshmark, a consignment shop with a home and fashion focus. There’s also a Facebook marketplace that isn’t all that popular, but where you can contact the seller directly. There’s even the mission-driven Goodwill throwback, where you can still hunt for bargains.

Now let’s take a deeper dive for online flea market options. Bonanza feels like eBay without the bargaining option and saves sellers on fees. Got a penchant for good causes? Srchie has an 80 million strong audience with a focus on art, collectibles, antiques and vintage items and gives 10% of its profits to charity. Fleabay is what would happen if Craigslist and eBay had a baby. Fleatique offers unique items and a personal shopper feature that will provide you with email notifications if the item you are looking for appears. It also has a garage sale section where most items are a dollar or less. What may be the coolest online flea market option of all is VFlea, where you can dig through virtual piles of stuff until you find the item you want and conduct your online haggling over a virtual table!