Storing Leftovers

Plastic storage containers have so many uses and benefits. They are great for keeping foods fresher
longer, for easy clean-up and tidy storage. They come in a variety of sizes from large flat microwavable
containers which are great for reheating entire dinners, to bowl-like containers for leftover side dishes
and casseroles, to larger, often stackable containers for everything from chips to office items!
Houseware Warehouse has everything you need when it comes to storage containers. We have
collapsible tub containers, cereal containers with lids in assorted colors; “car-go” containers that fit in
your car’s cup holder; mini storage containers with air tight lids for bite size snacks, toppings and art,
craft, sewing and desk storage.
There are plastic storage containers that can fit in your backpack or purse for easy transport. Use them
for camping, boating picnics or to take to school or work. Pack fruits and veggies or heat up leftovers
from last night’s restaurant date. There are expandable bread containers; cake carriers and holders;
collapsible cupcake and cake carriers; a collapsible salad spinner; a ten-piece container set with easy
pour lids; flatware cylinder storage; nesting storage containers; a cheese pod for open bricks of cheese;
herb savers; grease containers; and dishwasher safe storage containers. Store your dog treats, flour,
sugar and condiments. There’s even an “eggs to go” storage container for hardboiled eggs!
Houseware Warehouse, providing professional grade, affordable kitchen supplies for over 20 years, has
everything you need to meet your culinary needs. Aside from a wide assortment of storage containers,
Houseware Warehouse offers everything from the finest cutlery, to bakeware, cookware, electric
appliances, cutting boards, cast iron cooking supplies, beautiful decorative ceramics, spices, flavorings
and more. Check us out online to browse through our enormous inventory!