Stock up on Summer Items for Your Flea Market Booth

We are smack dab in the hay days of summer, so if you are a flea market vendor, don’t miss out! It’s the perfect time to make certain you are well-stocked with all of the tools of summer, and some of the best summer flea market inventory is grilling products.

Houseware Warehouse, America’s leading wholesale kitchen supplier can get you well-stocked with all the best grilling items, and we can do it fast!

We offer everything from a wide array of bamboo and metal skewers, to shishkabob sets, basting mops, wood chip soakers, chimney starters and practically any barbecue utensil on earth, including telescoping forks, pivoted spatulas and pigtail flippers. We have griddle toppers, round grill toppers, even mini wok toppers. There are also food tents, condiment squeeze bottles, butter spreaders, corn scrapers, meat and grill surface thermometers, jalapeno roasters and so much more! Our cleaning accessories include wide grill scrapers and barbecue brushes made from wire or silicone. If you are looking for high end, rustproof barbecue items with lifetime guarantees or dishwasher safe products for easy cleaning, you can find those at Houseware Warehouse as well.

We also offer fast, reliable shipping so that you can get those summer grilling items at the drop of a hat!

At Houseware Warehouse, we take pride in making certain our clients are as successful as possible. Visit to access our online catalog today. Our friendly customer service team is waiting for your call. We are available 24/7 to ensure that you make the absolute best buying decisions for your business!