Stirring Up Something Good at Houseware Warehouse

If you love to spoon, Houseware Warehouse has just what you need to mix things up! There are wooden spoons and paddles, traditional metal whisks, high heat tolerant nylon whisks, chrome whisks, French whisks and even a set of four types of mini whisks. Choose from regular basting spoons and nylon basting spoons with a stop-hook polypropylene handle, slotted spoons, solid spoons, heavy duty spoons, skimmer spoons, ladles, buffet spoons and serving spoons.

And then you’ve got your Houseware Warehouse barware, which ranges from muddlers, bar spoons, beverage whisks, more tumblers than you can shake your tumbler at and even a 16-ounce mixer shaker with assorted colored tops and measurements listed down the side for convenient concoction creation! Or maybe you’d prefer a colorful 50-piece set of spoon straws.

Now if we’re talking about your morning brew, there are mesh and perforated metal tea infuser spoons, long-handle coffee scoops and even a Joie Measure Mix & Shake Eggy Pancake Maker!

Houseware Warehouse specialty mixing items include kitchen items such as a black Chopstir, egg flippers, fish turners and giant food turners, honey spoons, the EZ Grip Fiskie Fork/Whisk, as well as bamboo, porcelain and marble mortar and pestles, so just pick your poison!

The list goes on and on. So if you have the appetite for some stirring kitchen products, just visit!

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