Stale Chips? Chip Clips!

Got a chip on your shoulder? Well, you wouldn’t if you had some chip clips! Houseware Warehouse is America’s favorite kitchen product wholesaler because they have just about everything you could imagine for the kitchen (and some pretty cool housewares as well); including the ever so convenient chip clip!

Plus, keep in mind that chip clips are even handier than their name implies because they can seal bags for just about anything in the kitchen! Got a loaf of bread and lost that twisty thing? No worries if you’ve got a chip clip. Open cracker sleeves can become a gigantic mess, but not when you have a chip clip! Chip clips can keep bag salads and bags of frozen vegetables fresh. Got a dog or cat? Chip clips are a great way to keep your pet food fresh. Chip clips are also perfect for sealing baking products like flour and sugar, and they keep breakfast products like pancake mix and cereal fresh too. Heck, chip clips can even double as a hair clip if you are in a bind!

Did you know that chip clips, which are really better defined as multipurpose clips, come in various sizes and colors? At Houseware Warehouse, you can also get them in sets of six, micro-size clips and giant-size clips. Additionally, you’ll find kitchen clips specially designed for bread and bagel bags. Houseware Warehouse also offers magnetic kitchen clips and something called a quick grip clip, which – you guessed it – quickly grips!

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