Stainless Steel Rolling Pins Are Much More Sanitary than Wooden Rolling Pins

We all love a sanitary kitchen. It gives us peace of mind that we are doing our best to keep our family safe and healthy and our food properly prepared.

We scour our sinks and counters to keep them free of any bacteria; we scrub our floors to make certain there are no errant food droppings left behind; we clean out our frig to make sure no food lingers longer than it should; we keep our kitchen towels laundered and throw away our sponges when we have kept them too long…but how much thought have you given your kitchen implements? I know you keep them clean, but did you know that some kitchen items are more sanitary than others no matter how clean they are?

Take, for instance, your rolling pin. Did you know that wooden rolling pins are not as sanitary as stainless rolling pins? It’s true! Wood is porous, so your wooden rolling pin can harbor miniscule bits of food as well as bacteria even after you scrub it mercilessly. I know grandma relied on her wooden rolling pin to make us so many delicious treats, but why tempt fate when we can take advantage of today’s excellent advances in the kitchen?

Stainless is the gold standard when it comes to rolling pins, and if your kitchen appliances are stainless or black, they are actually an attractive kitchen accoutrement as well. So, consider going stainless when it comes to your rolling pin, and keep bacteria at bay…where it belongs…far away from your kitchen and your family.