Our Staff Is Knowledgeable and Can Help You Choose the Right Items for Your Store

Houseware Warehouse, America’s leading wholesale kitchen product supplier, is staffed by a knowledgeable customer service team that prides itself on helping our clients succeed. Whether you own a grocery store, a bodega or sell items at a flea market, Houseware Warehouse can help you offer better quality kitchen products at affordable prices for your particular sales venue. The better products you can provide, the more you will sell. It’s a win-win!

Houseware Warehouse stocks a large inventory of items sold by grocery stores, bodegas and flea market vendors, including kitchen tools and utensils and spices and flavorings. We also provide cookware and bakeware in all shapes, sizes and made from all materials, cutting boards and cutlery that are a cut above, the latest kitchen gadgets, decorative ceramics and other kitchen décor, and so much more! No matter which venue you choose to sell your kitchen supplies, we have the perfect kitchen product your venue.

If you would like to shop our enormous selection, visit housewarewarehouse.net, and take a gander at our online catalog. If you would like some advice on the best way to bolster your existing kitchen supply inventory, or if you are interested in adding a new profit center to your sales venue and you think kitchen products may be the way to go, our experienced customer service representatives will be happy to help you make the right decision for your grocery store, bodega or booth.  We are dedicated to increasing sales for our customers, and we have the long-standing client relationships to prove it. At Houseware Warehouse, we know that when you do well, we do well, and THAT is another win-win.