Spices Galore!

Looking for ways to spice things up? Here’s a solution. Just visit housewarewarehouse.net for a varied selection of affordable spices and flavorings!

All of your usual spice suspects, such as salt, pure ground pepper (and salt and pepper sets), salt-free seasoning, garlic salt, seasoned salt, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper and sea salt (and even fine sea salt), are available at Houseware Warehouse. 

At Houseware Warehouse, you can also affordably purchase lemon pepper for delicious fish and chicken dishes. Ground coriander, which is essentially cilantro, is great for cooking, and also offers amazing health benefits like reducing blood sugar levels, heart disease and osteoporosis. Plus, coriander contains antioxidants which are perfect for flushing your system of harmful toxins. If you want to add some zing to salads and dressings, you can purchase celery salt and there is oriental five spices for the nights you prefer an Asian culinary delight!

If you are a baker, you may want to pay particular attention to this portion of the program. In addition to red food coloring, which is essential for your mouth watering red velvet cake and those impossibly romantic red and pink heart shaped cookies; Houseware Warehouse offers a slew of flavorings for baking up virtually anything you can imagine! There are completely natural flavors including vanilla, banana, lemon, almond, orange, peppermint, butter, black walnut and even butter and nut! Or choose from an assortment of coconut, run, pineapple, maple, strawberry and clear vanilla.

Houseware Warehouse is America’s leading online kitchen supply wholesaler.

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