Specialty Wine Holders

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a nice chianti, a refreshing riesling or a fruity sangria, Houseware Warehouse has the perfect novelty wine holder for you!

If you like wild animals, choose from a pass the buck deer wine holder, or maybe you’d prefer a call of the wine wolf wine holder, white tiger, a bear, a shark, an eagle, a bottle-nosed dolphin or a gator! There is also a rooster, a cow, a frog and a turtle. Whimsical pet wine holders include the tiny tipper male Chihuahua, the wine a bit female Chihuahua, the weenie wine wiener dog, pug-a-chug doggie, boxer’s brew doggie and four different cats. There is even an easy rider motorcycle wine holder, a motorcycle boot wine holder, a cowboy gun wine holder and a chef wine holder.

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