Simple Wine Go-to List

We have our go-to retorts we use for the times our little brothers annoy us. We have our go-to gear for impromptu dates – like that sassy sundress that fits just right. Then, when we just happen to crave a glass of wine as big as our heads, we have our simple wine go-to list…

First up on the list are all the wines we love. Let’s spend a minute on that, shall we? If you love a crisp, refreshing wine on a warm summer day, you are most likely a lover of light white chilled wines. Those who enjoy a good nosh with their wine may pair a lovely Chianti with a romantic Italian meal, brie cheese with a fruity wine, a juicy steak with a bold red wine and pinot noir is definitely a great wine choice for chocolate enthusiasts. You can add some pink to your cheeks on a brisk day with a mellow merlot, toast your friends with sparkling prosecco or you put the festive in a Celtic festival and tip your hat to the ancients by partaking in a glass of honey mead. Wine preference really is subjective, but no one could fault you if you love them all.

Then, our simple wine go-to list might include some really remarkable go-to wine accessories, all of which we can purchase (along with virtually any other handy kitchen item you might imagine) at Houseware Warehouse. There are wine openers and travel corkscrews for picnics or wine on the go. There is also a nice selection of wine bottle foil cutters, wine pourers and wine stoppers. There is even a wine stopper/pump that saves you money and taste by keeping your wine fresh longer. Then there are all the adorable wine decorations, such as glass cutting boards, burner covers in wine motifs and whimsical wine holders. So, the bottom wine line is, you really should visit!

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