Selling to Local Grocery Stores and Bodegas

Are you wondering how to earn some extra money? Maybe you are already selling affordable, top-quality kitchen supplies at flea markets and wondering how to increase your income? Flea markets are a great venue for kitchen supply sales, but if you want to increase your profit centers, consider selling kitchen supplies to your local grocery stores and bodegas.  

Grocery stores and bodegas usually offer a smattering of kitchen utensils and supplies, as well as some spices and flavorings. If you can offer them better products more affordably, you are in business…and Houseware Warehouse can help you do just that!

At Houseware Warehouse, we make it our business to help clients build and improve their businesses. Houseware Warehouse stocks a large inventory of items sold by grocery stores and bodegas, including kitchen tools and utensils and spices and flavorings. We also provide cast iron cookware, the best in bakeware, cutting boards that are a cut above, the in finest cutlery, the latest appliances available, decorative ceramics, and so much more! No matter which venue you choose to sell your kitchen supplies, we have great kitchen products at affordable prices for that venue.

Our kitchen supplies are high quality, and we ship immediately, so you never experience a delay. Our personable, knowledgeable customer service associates are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure that our customers make the best buying decisions possible. Visit to browse through our online catalog.