“Say Hello to My Little Friend”

Houseware Warehouse isn’t simply the leading online wholesaler of kitchen supplies in America. The mission of Houseware Warehouse is to make life easier and to do it affordably and with quality products. That’s where innovative household products provided by Houseware Warehouse come into play. So say hello to my little friend (s)…

A little short for that top shelf? Houseware Warehouse carries a handy fold-up reaching tool. Got a tiny bathroom? Get a side tank toilet paper holder. Ever wish you had the upper hand on those pesky flies? Try a telescopic fly swatter. Need to get the hang of things? You can at Houseware Warehouse with coat hangers, picture hangers and towel hangers. Sometimes feel the need to take a seat during an exhausting shopping excursion? How about a shopping cart with a seat? This unique product comes with a fabric cover to protect your purchases from the rain, oversized caster wheels for a smooth ride and is collapsible for convenient storage. Ever have your mop pop out of the closet catching you unaware? Acquire a secure stow with a mop/broom holder. Find yourself spewing a few unmentionable words when you can’t find a matching lid? Put a lid on it with the Houseware Warehouse lid organizer! 

There are pill boxes, pet food mats, toothpaste tube winders, table crumb sweepers, streak-free cloths, swiveling sink sprayers, furniture sliders to make moving heavy objects easy and deluxe squeegees to make your windows, shower doors and windshields crystal clear. 

Just visit housewarewarehouse.net to view our entire array of innovative household products and so much more!

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