Reduce the Mess of Making Omelets with an Egghead Omelet Pan

Greek omelets with tomato, feta, spinach and egg are delicious and nutritious – even more so if made with egg whites.  Western omelets, with peppers, onions, ham and cheese will satisfy any size appetite. Spanish omelets spice things up with peppers, onions, ham, potatoes, cilantro and fresh salsa and sour cream on the side. Or maybe you like to keep things simple with bacon and massive amounts of melty cheddar cheese.

It’s nice to experience a good omelet from time to time. The mess created when making omelets, however, is an experience we can all do without. There is a solution! Reduce the mess of omelet making with the Egghead Omelet Pan from Houseware Warehouse.

Ever turn over your omelet and end up with a bunch of pieces of eggy mess? You won’t have to worry about that ever again. Omelet making has never been easier than with the non-stick, perfectly omelet shaped Egghead Omelet Pan. It has a lid which is just like the bottom, so that you can easily turn your omelet over – with no muss and no fuss – for even cooking on each side. And it is adorably adorned with a cute little “egghead” on the handle!

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