Ramekins Have So Many Uses!

Ramekins Have So Many Uses!

It’s so much easier to be an accomplished chef when you have the right tools. Everything has its place and its particular job in a well-stocked kitchen. One of the staples of a properly prepared cook is a ramekin. Ramekins are so useful in so many ways.

They are absolutely perfect for a flawless dessert presentation. Souffles will puff up beautifully in these tiny cups. Ramekins will decadently showcase your delectably caramelized crème brulee. Chocolate mousse will also be perfectly portioned.

Speaking of portions, if you are dieting, you can use ramekins for portion control. Try a little ice cream in a ramekin instead of a cereal bowl. It will satisfy your craving and save you extra calories.

Ramekins are also great little serving bowls for fruit. Enjoy your berries in a ramekin. And let’s not forget taco night! Place taco toppings in ramekins at your taco party! In fact, any condiment, sauce, dip or topping is a great fit for a ramekin.

You can even use ramekins to help you when you are preparing a recipe. Measure out each of your ingredients in a ramekin and add them as they are called for. There are countless benefits and uses for ramekins. Just go to housewarewarehouse.net for a few and see!