Put a Cork in It…Or Don’t, with Our Wine Pump!

Ever been over a friend’s house and when they offer you wine, you just say, “whatever is open is fine,” instead of drinking the wine you really want? Or maybe you’ve come home after a hard day of work and you would like just one glass of wine to wind down while you make dinner for the masses, but you don’t because you don’t want to open a bottle of wine just for one glass.

We all do it. We’ve been taught – for good reason – that wine left on the counter isn’t quite as tasty after it sits for a while, and it may even taste like vinegar if you wait long enough! 

Ah, but there is a solution. Instead of opting out of that glass of wine you crave or popping a cork in your wine leftovers and hoping for the best, try the Wine Pump Stopper from Houseware Warehouse! 

It’s a great way to seal the deal. With the Wine Pump Stopper from Houseware Warehouse, your wine will stay fresh longer. This nifty little kitchen wine stopper will even save you money because that wine you might otherwise throw out, is here to stay!

The Wine Pump Stopper from Houseware Warehouse is also dishwasher safe and easy to use. Just push the wine pimp into your wine bottle top. Then pump the handle to form a vacuum seal to reseal your open bottle of wine. Store your wine in an upright position and simply lift out the wine pump whenever the mood strikes you to pour once again!

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