Garvey Premium Labeler

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Rubber Grip

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Product Description


One Line Garvey Labeler With 6 Characters
Uses 1812 Labels

5 Year Limited Warranty
Ergonomic Handle / Reduces Fatigue while Labeling
Reinforced ABS Body with Steel Internal Components / Provides Durability and Longevity
Easy Drop-In Label Loading / Reduces Downtime and Increases Productivity
Simple Snap-In / Pop-Out Ink Roller / Reducing Ink on Hand
Built-In Instructions / Provides Up-Front Instructions on How to Operate
Customized Labelers / Provides the Need in Specific Product Identification
Jam Resistant Operation / Reduces Downtime while Labeling Product
Self Align Feed Mechanism / Eliminates Adjusting the Print
Comes with a Lanyard and Free Ink Roller