Crisper/Chip Tray – Non Stick

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Crisper/Chip Tray – Non Stick 15 1/2″

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Product Description

INNOVATIVE DRIP TRAY DESIGN: If you want to bake french fries or other fried foods in the oven, this non stick baking sheet is the best way to ensure optimal crispiness. The perforated design features holes that provide ventilation while cooking, making this pan the best way to cook frozen or fresh french fries.

KEEP FOOD CRISP WHILE COOKING: It’s common for many foods to get soggy while cooking or reheating, especially if they’ve been fried. With this useful tool, frying in oil is no longer necessary. The large surface holds several servings of your favorite crispy food and makes them nice and crispy in a hot oven or under the broiler. Whether you’re crisping fish or leftover fries, you’ll love this pan!