Pizza Pan or on the Rack?

If you are passionate about your pizza, you prefer it cooked to perfection; but which pizza cooking method is better – the old-school pizza cooking method of placing your pizza on a pizza pan before popping it in the oven OR the more modern pizza cooking trend of placing your pie directly on the rack? It all boils (or bakes) down to whether you like your pizza crust crispy or soft and chewy.

When air can circulate around your pizza, as in the instance a pizza is placed directly on your oven rack, it will bake faster and end up crispier. However, if you decide to cook your pizza on a pan, you still have some decisions to make. For instance:

  • There are pizza stones for all the pizza purists out there. 
  • There are non-stick pizza pans, cast iron pizza pans, aluminum pizza pans and stainless steel pans. 
  • You can opt for a circular or rectangular pizza pan.
  • For thicker pizzas, there are pizza dough trays and deep dish pizza pans.
  • If you like the sturdiness of a pizza pan, but still like your pizza pie crispy, there are perforated pizza pans that check off both of those columns.
  • You can even get your pizza pan with convenient handles. 
  • Pizza pans also come in all sizes, from personal pizza size to ginormous!

Whatever your pizza pleasure, all of the tools you need – from pizza pans, to pizza cutters, to professional pizza peels – can be found at

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