Party Dips and How to Serve Them

Since things are starting to get back on track, it may just be time to celebrate! Here’s an idea…Invite all your favorite people and ratchet up the fun with an assortment of great party foods including delicious dips. Plus, you can find all your serving and preparation items at Houseware Warehouse!

Houseware Warehouse has everything you need for your kitchen. So go ahead and serve up your dips in a handy container with a space for the dip in the middle and segments for all your dipping goodies around it; in a dip and chip serving platter; or take it up a notch if you are going for elegance and serve your dip bowls and dipping items on a beautiful marble Lazy Susan or decorative glass cutting boards…which all can be found at Houseware Warehouse.

If you would also like a few suggestions for dips that please the crowd every time, hold on to your dip chips and check these out…

  • Place warm beer cheese inside a pretzel bread bowl. This one can go on whatever beautiful dish or serving tray you like, surrounded by chunks of pretzel bread for dipping.
  • Like loaded baked potatoes? How about a cheesy bacon and chive dip with waffle fries for dipping?
  • Then there is roasted red pepper tapenade with warm pita bread pieces. Yum!
  • And pizza lovers rejoice because you can make a cast iron skillet (which is very cool for serving as well as cooking) filled with cheesy pepperoni pizza dip with little balls of pizza dough baked in – no dipping required!
  • Don’t forget dessert, and do it up right with warm chocolate dip with green apple slices for dipping or pineapple marshmallow dip. Colorful berries are absolutely delicious (and beautiful) with this one.
  • And always the simple favorite, homemade salsa and chips!

So go ahead and take a dip into the Houseware Warehouse online catalog and check out all the wonderful serving options (and so much more!) for yourself.

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