The One-Stop Kitchen Shop!

Houseware Warehouse – the One-Stop Kitchen Shop!

Houseware Warehouse is America’s leading kitchen supply wholesaler, offering everything from bakeware, to cookware, electric appliances and spices and flavorings. From the finest bamboo cutting boards, to the latest in cast iron technology, to beautifully decorative ceramics, and the best in slicing and dicing…you name it.

It’s no wonder Houseware Warehouse, based in Edgewater, Florida, is considered the one-stop kitchen shop! Large, varied inventory; fast, reliable shipping; and the most cost effective pricing in the industry make Houseware Warehouse the go-to supplier for any kitchen needs.

Whether you are equipping your commercial kitchen, aspiring to be a flea market vendor or you are a retailer looking to create a new profit center, Houseware Warehouse has everything you need for a successful business venture.

So, visit to access our online catalog today. Or call us at 800-868-1234. Our highly trained, knowledgeable customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure our clients an extraordinary shopping experience, to help our clients make the best buying decisions…and, ultimately, become as successful as possible.