Old vs. New in the Kitchen

Out with the old; in with the new? Maybe a little of both instead…

Old fashioned food is simple and comforting. Back in the day, dinner was often determined by cost because, for most, there wasn’t much in the budget. That brought us a heavenly world of savory pot roasts, slow cooked stews and soups, fresh roasted vegetables and so much more. The cheapest cuts of meats were used, as were flavorful, homegrown herbs and seasonal produce.

And your grandmother had some manually operated kitchen tools that are just as valuable today. Potato mashers can whip up a great guacamole, rotary beaters can scramble eggs and blend batter, and believe it or not, a sharp knife is often the best tool for any task – even better for the job than any fancy electric pulser of chopper. Let’s not forget that the cast iron pot and the pressure cooker are still staples in any kitchen worth its salt.

Today, our lifestyle sometimes demands the aid of modern implements that can make things easier and save us time. For instance, food processors can dice, chop, knead, grind, shred and grate in a fraction of the time. Sassy salsas and smoothies can be blended in minutes in a modern kitchen. Even distribution comes with our modern day blenders, creating a tastier, more evenly cooked end-product.

You can get ANYTHING for your kitchen for your kitchen today – from digital scales, to wine thermometers that deliver the perfect chill, slicers for everything from olives to avocados, and a world of grilling implements so enormous they could bring a tear to any backyard barbequer’s eye. Not to mention that, with modern cleaning products, clean-up can be a snap!

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