No Drip Counter Strips, a Must-have!

Drip (noun)

1. A weak or ineffectual individual

2. A small drop of liquid

Let’s face it. Nobody likes a drip, no matter what kind it is. However, the drips that fall between your counter and appliances can be particularly annoying! There’s just no easy way to reach them so that you can clean them; and from spaghetti sauce to greasy messes, they are just plain gross. 

Let me put this another way. Who has ever said that rotting spills were a good thing? No one ever! They are unsanitary, bacteria producing and, left to fester long enough, can be extremely smelly. Yuck!

Ah, but now we come to the good part as we always do at Houseware Warehouse. There IS a solution to those disgusting countertop drips – the No Drip Counter Strips available online at Houseware Warehouse. 

The concept is simple. However, the result is remarkable! This innovative invention is basically a t-shaped plastic strip which bridges the gap between your counter and your stove. It slides right in for an instantly firm fit and will end any unpleasantness associated with those unfortunate drip slips!

So just visit and get your no drip counter strips today. Stay tuned for the Houseware Warehouse blog on how to eliminate those drips of the human persuasion. Just kidding, but they really should make something for those.