New Products at Houseware Warehouse

Yes, you’re right…Houseware Warehouse has everything, but the kitchen sink. So you may find this hard to believe; but we’ve just expanded our family of innovative kitchen products!

Want to organize your refrigerator or maybe you just want to store your bacon the best possible way? Try the Bacon Fresh Pod – an airtight container with a one-pound capacity. And since we’re discussing breakfast, how about our egg look-alike Egg Scrambler? It’s a quick, easy way to beat up to three eggs and it is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Then for your toast, you may need our adorable Jam Jar and Spoon that looks like a berry!

Ever make a mess when you are grating cheese? Oh, come on now…fess up and get the Grater ‘N Bowl. Now you can grate and shred directly into a no fuss, no muss bowl! Or since summer is here, you may want to try out the Condiment Minis – tiny mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise squeeze bottles that are just perfect for those on the go! 

Tired of the same old tired cookie cutters? Have some fun with our new, whimsical cookie cutters. There’s the Happy Camper Collection, complete with a campfire, which is just perfect for baked goods on your next adventure….or Poop Emoji Cookie Cutters for the jokesters out there!

If you need to save some space, there are racks for your counter and wall; magnetic hooks made from sturdy steel for things like your apron, pot holders and dishtowels; and over the door hooks that will have you hooked!

Plus, if you need a great gift…For all those little bakers out there, there is the pink Piggy Silicone Mini Spatula Set. We have a pretty, two-tiered, streamlined, black, metal spice rack; the Ultimate Utensil Set, made up of four of the most useful kitchen utensils; or how about a Paring and Sharpener Set for the cook who has everything – maybe your aunt who makes that perfect potato salad!

We figured, after this tough year we’ve endured, that we all need a treat. Enjoy!