Microwavable Cookware: Great for Work

Work is called work for a reason. Very few lucky souls get to enjoy working while getting paid for it,
while the remainder of us do it simply BECAUSE we get paid for it. Day in and day out, we brave the
commute filled with everything from cranky drivers to inclement weather. Then we tolerate our
somewhat strange co-workers and make small talk as we get down to it – making the big bucks for our
boss. Ah, but there is a silver lining to this daily drudgery! Like recess, lunch can be a delightful diversion.
All you need is microwavable cookware!

Cookware for the microwave is great because it allows you to deviate from the same old sandwich or
salad routine and liven up the day! Eating leftovers for lunch can also save you money. Not sure wh14at
you favorites are, but microwave cookware opens up a whole new world for lunch. You can enjoy
everything from leftover linguini alfredo, to comforting soups and warm dips and chips. You can go
healthy too. If you want to start the day with maple and cinnamon flavored oatmeal, go right ahead.
Microwave containers are terrific for transport too. They can easily double as your favorite salad or fruit
bowl. There are even great microwave devices out that eliminate splatter – which work well at home OR
the office.

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