Meat Tenderizers Cut Your Cooking Time

Cooking on a budget can be quite a challenge. There are some great inexpensive cuts of meat, such as chuck and flank, but cooking those until they are mouthwateringly delicious can take an awful lot of time. Some recipes for less expensive cuts of meats require marinating up to 12 hours or slow cooking all day long. Who has that kind of time?

Meat tenderizing, however, can drastically cut your cooking time, not only saving you countless hours but money as well…since cooking those less expensive cuts of meat will be a breeze!

Ok, so let’s break this down (no pun intended). Tenderizing meat is basically just breaking down tissues that make it tough. You see, meat is mostly made of muscle. Tenderizing meat breaks the long strands of muscle and softens collagen until it turns to gelatin. This soft gelatin soaks into meat, tenderizing it and making it juicy. And the coup de grace…subsequently, it cuts your cooking time considerably!

So pound, score and sprinkle your meats all over with powdered meat tenderizer. All of these methods work toward the same goal – breaking down dense muscle fibers and eliminating hours from your dinner preparation time. For kitchen mallets and other great, affordable tenderizing tools, go to Houseware Warehouse – America’s leading kitchen supply wholesaler.